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ImmuSyn is a breakthrough in horse health care.


ImmuSyn is a breakthrough in horse health care. This all natural milk serum isolate makes antioxidant nutrition work. (Formerly GlutaSyn)


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A Breakthrough in Horse Health Care ImmuSyn contains GlutaSyn®, a unique milk serum protein isolate with nominal amounts of maltodextrin for increased palatability. GlutaSyn was developed over fifteen years of rigorous, peer-reviewed research. Made under stringent quality controls with advanced low-impact ultrafiltration technology, ImmuSyn is an all-natural product that concentrates essential benefits found only in fresh mother’s milk. This milk serum isolate has been extensively tested in studies exploring its impact on immune system activity, muscle metabolism, longevity, and antioxidant support. It has been evaluated in successful Phase I, II, and III clinical trials, and has earned three U.S. Patents and one Canadian Patent. Researchers continue to explore the exciting potential of this breakthrough in human clinical trials and immunological experiments with horses and laboratory animals.

ImmuSyn, GSH and Cell Defense The benefits of ImmuSyn are due to a unique property of raw milk serum; its ability to support the synthesis of cellular glutathione (GSH), the body’s master antioxidant and detoxifier. Milk serum supplies generous amounts of glutamic acid plus cystine bound in specific undenatured proteins and peptides that improve its delivery to the cells. Like the raw milk serum from which its made, ImmuSyn even supplies the rare GSH-precursor gamma-glutamylcystine. Glutathione is found inside every living cell, where it protects against oxidative stress caused by damaging free radicals. Medical science is now giving GSH a great deal of attention. Each year, hundreds of papers on GSH are published in such diverse subjects as surgery, nutrition, trauma care, immunology, and oncology. GSH is a useful indicator of the progress of several diseases, and scientists report that the level of GSH in the cells, and its relationship to oxidized GSH (GSSG), often closely reflects the overall health of the cell itself.

For the horse’s immune system, life is one long battle against the endless attack of billions of viruses, bacteria, molds, and toxins of all descriptions, as well as injury, inflammation, and other insults. The lymphocyte cells supply the brains and much of the brawn for the immune response. These cells are especially important in controlling viruses, but their activity generates huge numbers of free radicals that damage immune cells and other tissues. GSH’s antioxidant power appears to be the key to sustaining the life of these cells. Researchers report that GSH levels of the lymphocytes predict their health and longevity. They find that the activity of the immune system may relate closely to intracellular GSH levels and the individual’s overall health, attitude, and capacity for work. ImmuSyn's only ingredient, GlutaSyn, is patented to deliver unique and perfectly targeted nutritional support for these vital immune cells.

Truly Fundamental Nutrition ImmuSyn’s support of GSH production goes far beyond immune response. GSH is also critical for protection of energy release and ion transport, for detoxification in the liver and the cells, for keeping other antioxidants in their active states, protection of red blood cells and hemoglobin, and much more.

  GSH is: 
a detoxifier within many cells. 
an essential part of the antioxidant enzyme glutathione peroxidase (GPX). 
the prime protector of sulfur-bearing proteins and enzymes 
a supporter of SOD activity by substituting for SOD’s usual partner, catalase. 
the agent that recycles vitamins C and E and other antioxidants to their active forms. 
the antioxidant-of-choice for immune cells and other highly oxidative tissues. 
a major detoxifying agent in the liver. 
a partner with vitamin E in protecting cell membranes from radical damage. 
needed to help the body to retain valuable amino acids through the urea cycle. 

How do horses get their GSH? At the beginning of life, Nature provides mammals and birds with a special GSH-precursor, called gamma-glutamylcystine (GGC). GGC is the direct precursor of gamma-glutamylcysteine, the “first 2/3” of the GSH molecule. Infant mammals get this dipeptide from their mother’s milk. Some GGC is present (at much lower levels) in the raw white of birds’ eggs. Since these are the only two food sources of this nutrient, after weaning or hatching most animals must produce GSH internally from amino acids in their food. ImmuSyn provides horses of all ages with undenatured proteins and dipeptides of mother's milk, including GGC, the unique GSH advantage of “nursing nutrition.”

What is needed to make GSH? GSH is composed of three amino acids, so it is classified chemically as a tripeptide. It contains glutamic acid, cysteine, and glycine. Glutamic acid, or glutamate, occurs in many foods and is heavily used by the body to make other amino acids for protein building (transamination). Glycine is the simplest of the amino acids. Glutamic acid and glycine are usually available for GSH synthesis. Cysteine is more likely to be in short supply, and its bioavailability is usually the key factor in deficient production of GSH. A key limitation to GSH production is the enzyme-driven reaction that combines glutamic acid and cysteine to make gamma-glutamylcysteine. ImmuSyn helps the horse bypass this step with natural serum albumin-bound GGC.

Best Way to Boost Cysteine Most of the cysteine in the body is produced from the more common amino acids methionine and phenylalanine. Unfortunately, increasing the dietary levels of these amino acids does not substantially increase GSH production in the cells. Most attempts by researchers to increase GSH production have involved boosting the supply of cysteine. However, cysteine by itself is unstable. It rapidly autoxodizes into cystine, a dipeptide that combines two molecules of cysteine in a disulfide bond.

When do horses need more GSH? It’s not always possible to predict when your horse will encounter a need for increased GSH production. The unique GSH nutrition of ImmuSyn can help the cells’ capacity to make GSH on demand. When oxidative stress increases, the cells need more GSH to maintain oxidative balance and adequate protection of vital biomolecules.

  Conditions That Increase Oxidative Stress in Horses: 
• inflammation
• exercise
• rapid growth
• viral infection
• trauma and burns
• reproduction
• protozoal infestation
• bacterial infection
• mycotoxin infestation
• psychological stress
• deficient antioxidant nutrition
• environmental toxins

Recommended Feeding Feed 1 slightly rounded scoop (13.5 grams) twice daily for up to one month. Feed 1 slightly rounded scoop daily for maintenance. Increase feeding proportionately according to body weight in excess of 1,200 pounds. Horses under extreme stress may benefit from 2 or more scoops daily.


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