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Update January 2013...Our business is evolving.

As people rely on technology and convenience more and more our local business continues to contract. Our shop is a few miles out of town and the local consumers are willing to pay more in town and skip the drive.

And that's fine (if disappointing). We have decided to concentrate more of our resources on our increasingly popular leather shop. Also you will be seeing more tack and stable items on the web site with less of an emphasis on stable supplies such as supplements and fly sprays.

We have decided to cut back on our store hours on a trial basis. Our internet customers will notice little difference as our phone lines will still be manned...we just get to turn off some lights and lock some doors earlier.

One big change that technology has brought about is that we are phasing out our toll-free line. The vast majority of our customers use the Internet to place their orders. While a few still want the personal touch, a sampling of those customers revealed that the vast majority where calling us from their cell phones.

Nearly all cell phone plans have free long distance. However, when you call a 800 number from a cell phone it is treated the same as a land line call and the owner of the toll-free line picks up the tab - basically creating an extra revenue stream for the phone company.

A personal pet-peeve is the large number of calls we get asking us where they can buy a certain product in their local market. Naturally, as a small tack shop in the hills of central Kentucky there is little help we can offer in such cases.

So call me cheap if you want, but spending hundreds of dollars monthly on a service that is an actual benefit to so few of our customers seems a bit silly. We have decided to remove the toll-free number from the site and see what happens.

We look forward to growing our business and continuing to service our customers with our low prices and flat-rate shipping.

Happy New Year.

Update January 2011...And I thought going 2 years without updating this page was a long time.

Everything is still grinding along around here. One change we have experienced is expanding our retail shop area to accommodate more local traffic. We used to have an another tack shop in the same town as us so we sort of shared the local customers. They finally decided that there had to be an easier way to make money and closed down. 

The good news for you is that we had to greatly expand our on-hand inventory to meet the local demand. The bad news for us is that we had to greatly expand our on-hand inventory...

Of course the biggest change was the death of our famous $5 flat rate shipping this month. UPS, FedEx, and USPS all raised their rates again and this time no amount of "pencil sharpening" on our end was going to let us keep it.

So we made the jump to $7.50. We still feel is is a GREAT VALUE. We still have NO MINIMUM ORDER AMOUNT and highly competitive prices. I just hope everyone understands that we held on with a death grip to the old rate for almost ten years. It was a good run.

Update January 2007...My gosh - has it been 2 years since I have updated this thing?

Things really haven't changed much internally around here. We are still a small business doing our best to compete with multi-million dollar corporations.

We can't count on flying under their radar any longer. They know we are here and we are a thorn in their side.

The only big change that went on behind the scenes this year was that we have phased out our wholesale leather shop. While we still have a few wholesale clients, it is no longer our core business - thanks to you. We stay so busy in the shop making halters for our retail customers that we no longer have the time or manpower to pursue and service other retail shops.

The growing pains keep coming. Last week I could have purchased a new car (not a fancy one...maybe a Saturn) - this week I may be rummaging through the couch cushions for grocery money.

We struggle daily to keep our prices competitive within the reality that is our flat rate shipping policy. Due to gas prices, UPS rates have soared in the past four years. We have held the line at $5. We think that 9 out of 10 times if you do the math you will save money with us over our competition. Still, almost daily, someone will call up asking us to "price-match". We cannot and will not do it, since none of our competitors that we are aware of are willing to match our shipping policy. Fair is fair. Besides our philosophy is that if you spend enough time shopping you can find anything cheaper somewhere.

While you are at it, look at their minimum order policies. Everyone has a minimum order except us. That's because we are a company founded by, run by, and built upon serving the small horseman.

Let me close by saying that we are still striving to offer better service, better prices, and better selection every single day.

Update March 2005...I am selling an awful lot of stuff around here to still be so poor! I can't thank all of our customers enough for their support over the past year. We are still growing in popularity - so much so that our competition is coming to our site wanting links. Of course it is beneath most of them to give us a reciprocal link...but what the heck. We are still nothing more than a small country leather shop. No one has ever accused us of having good sense. Most of these guys could buy our operation with the money from their cash drawer so we consider it quite a compliment that they even notice us at all.

This spring we launched our three (relatively) independent service sites...

Notice the FREE theme thing going on around here? When all is said and done we are nothing more than horse people wanting to help other horse people and hopefully put food on the table in the process. As I write this we are even getting ready to launch yet another site - offering FREE web sites to horse clubs and farms. Geez, will we never learn.

So I'll finish up my little update. Once again I would like to thank you for your support. I guess you can consider yourself horse people - supporting horse people - who support horse people.

Update May 2004...Wow what a change the last year has brought. While C&W Western Horse has been in business since 1989, is a relatively new venture for us. Having lost the development business of another (competing) horse supply web site, I decided to put my ideas and concepts to work on my own site. Before 2003, was pretty much a light weight information site used mostly to keep the members of the National Barrel Horse Association of Kentucky informed of shows and standings.

We sold a few halters, but that was about it. We decided to increase our inventory and offerings and "re-launch" the site as a shopping site. Wow, did it ever work. As we approach the halfway mark of 2004 we are already at the goals we set for the entire year. If we can maintain our current progress and growth we will have to shed our "little guy - hole in the wall" image. Heck, I might even buy a good suit.

We wanted to take a moment to thank you for visiting and to thank our many customers for making us the success we are quickly becoming. is the "brain child" of Wes Forsythe, a former Kentucky State Director of the National Barrel Horse Association, national level foxhunt field trial judge, and owner of C&W Western Horse. Our primary goal is to become the premier web site for horsemen in and around the country to stay informed of the news and issues of the equine industry. Our site is offered as a hub of information to assist all equine organizations and horsemen who wish to take advantage of it.

C&W Western Horse is a small family owned and operated leather shop located in Cynthiana, KY. We specialize in leather turn-out and dress halters. We do not pretend to be a big company, maintain a huge inventory, or try to be the only store you will ever need. Instead we simply try to offer a fair deal on quality products and hope to turn a little profit so that we can afford to buy groceries for our own little herd of quarter horses. follows a policy that all breeds and disciplines of equine activity are dependent on each other. In our view the child and his backyard pony are just as important to the industry as a whole as the winner of the Kentucky Derby. We recognize that creating an environment of cooperation between all of the facets of horsemanship builds a foundation that supports the entire industry, from the weekend trail rider to the large breeding operation.

Wes Forsythe is the webmaster and author of His former involvement in the NBHA grew out of his desire to improve the conditions of barrel racing and other equine competitions. He grew up with horses and began barrel racing in the mid 1980's. He spent several years as horse trainer, mostly working with youth horses and problem solving. While he no longer trains horses professionally, beyond his involvement with this web site and the NBHA, he is still deeply rooted in the industry as a leather craftsman, show arena operator, field-trial fox hunting judge, and horse owner and breeder.

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